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This membership is for non-professionals who would like to post classifieds to the IPA website.

Full Membership - Licensed

Must be currently licensed in the state of Illinois.
Early Career Licensed Psychologist (ECP) Licensed in the past 5 years pay a discounted $30 Legislative Assessment Fee and income Based Supplemental Assessment for two years, then after year two, ECP psychologists move to Licensed Second Year Membership Dues.

Full Membership - Non-Licensed

Applicant has a doctoral degree in psychology but is not a licensed psychologist. Applicant must meet the following requirement: Earned a doctoral degree in Psychology from a program accredited by the Council of Post Secondary Accreditation or accredited by the American Psychological Association.

Student Member

Applicant is a full-time tuition paying student who is majoring in psychology or an intern/resident in psychology.

Affiliate Member

Applicants have an interest in psychology such as but not limited to certified paraprofessionals, high school teachers and members of the general public. Affiliate Members are considered non-voting members of the Association. Affiliate Members may serve as members of committees of the Association and participate in programs and discussions of issues.

Out-of-State Member

Applicant is a former member who has relocated to another state or a psychologist or psychology graduate student from another state who wished to be affiliated with the Association.

Our Membership Year Runs July 1 - June 30 of each year.